The Basics Part 3: Food

Ah food, it gives us energy, makes our stomachs not hurt, and it tastes good most of the time. Food is all around you although sometime it may seem unappealing from insects and grasses to wild fruits and vegetables. In Iowa darn near everything that walks or grows is edible but that is not the case in many places so it is always a good idea to have some sort of food with you even if it just a day hike.

How long you are out and available local food will determine what to bring. Trail mix is always a good thing to bring, you get plenty of protein from the nuts and sugars from the fruits to give you a nice boost. MREs (meal ready to eat) may sound like a good idea but they are heavy.

Freeze dried foods are a good alternative but keep in mind that you need water and heat to prepare them. I always carry a package of lifeboat rations in my bag when I’m out and about, they will keep you alive, don’t weigh much and are non thirst provoking. I will have a more in depth post food and food gathering in the future