Basics Pt 2. Water


My apologizes for the late post but I have been swamped with the holidays. This post we will be covering the basics of water. Water is essential with out it you will die. Hydration is a personal thing, some people need more water than others and the temperature plays a big factor too. Plan on drinking a gallon a day and reevaluate based on temperature and easy of water gathering.

My personal preference is to carry plenty of water even if I need to lose the weight somewhere else. There are other options however, if you are in an area with streams of rivers nearby. I live in Iowa and the waterways here are pretty dirty and you can maybe seen 6 inches in the water so it’s not something I like to drink straight from on a regular basis but it will do in an emergency, which is why I carry a water filter.  My favorite water filter is the Sawyer mini filter, it’s small, lightweight, filters 100,000 gallons of water and it can be used inline with a Camlebak hose or be screwed onto any standard size water or soda bottle.

There are other options like a Lifestraw that are fine products but I prefer the flexibility of the Sawyer and by carrying a water filter I only need to carry a litter or two with me while hiking. There are other sources of water that I will cover at a later time